We provide maximum value to our clients by delivering exceptional leadership training, executive coaching and strategic planning.  Our clients establish breakthrough strategies, bold goals and extraordinary results by committing to continual growth and owning their core values and strengths.

We utilize evidence-based tools for assessment and organizational scholarship to support our pedagogy.

We are committed to assisting leaders in their continual growth, expanding their capacity to connect, inspire and support their teams for maximum impact.


  • Ethical, positive leadership is essential for the continual arch toward economic, environmental and social justice.

  • Positive leadership results in higher employee satisfaction, higher client satisfaction, higher productivity and higher profits.

  • Effective and positive leaders are self-aware, strategic and relational.

  • There is an unlimited capacity for individual and organizational growth.

“Heather Dunbar’s organizational experience and years as a practicing psychotherapist allow her to help leaders dig deep and find hidden treasures in their leadership profile feedback. She is quick to develop trusting relationships. Yet she can be quite direct and fearless in encouraging leaders to lean in to their developmental edges.”
— Dick Hallstein, Consulting Partners