"The Balanced Leader training led me down a path that I didn’t know I was ready for.  For me, it was a 'look in the mirror experience.' The training offered me a chance to look inside myself and discover the person/leader that I wanted to be.  The training allowed me to make concrete changes on the way I functioned in the world.  I am no longer dependent on praise, I no longer have a singular focus on the bottom line.  I have a focus on myself, my relationships and how those relationships allow my team to perform, and sustain success."

— Brian Kilgallen 

“Heather Dunbar’s organizational experience and years as a practicing psychotherapist allow her to help leaders dig deep and find hidden treasures in their leadership profile feedback. She is quick to develop trusting relationships. Yet she can be quite direct and fearless in encouraging leaders to lean in to their developmental edges.”

— Dick Hallstein, Consulting Partners

“Drew’s ability to read people and process are invaluable to identifying breakthrough strategies, it’s as if he has played this game before and he knows how it ends before it even begins.”  

— Ben Gideon, Partner Berman and Simmons.  

“Heather worked closely with our organization to design a training model that met our needs. She connects well with a diverse group of people, is creative in her approach, and delivers training that is not only accessible but has lasting impact.”

— Gena Canning, Managing Partner, Pine State Trading Company

“Heather Dunbar’s thoughtful and intelligent expertise has benefited the telling room enormously.  Her guidance and acumen has helped the telling room through some of its biggest challenges and strengthened the executive committee’s ability to communicate to the board and the community at large.”

— Celine Bourke Kuhn, Board Chair, The Telling Room

“The leadership development sessions that heather led for the telling room board were the best trainings i’ve experienced. She is an innovator when it comes to offering tools to help people become better listeners, communicators and leaders for their organizations.”

— Susan Conley, Author & Co-Founder of The Telling Room, Faculty, University of Southern Maine, Stonecoast MFA Program in Writing

“Heather is my secret weapon. Her compassionate yet no-nonsense approach has supported me through some of the most challenging times of my career.  I am better and more successful at my job because of my work with Heather.”

— Mary Baumgartner, President, Garrand

"I've had the pleasure of witnessing the authentic, caring, and impactful leadership style that Drew brings to his work. As a leader, he has the unique ability to balance inquiry with insight as he draws the best out of others. He is very effective at helping to see the big picture, while  assessing and tackling more immediate obstacles. His calm confidence helps him to lead others through conflict and challenges to reach new and higher ground."

Matt Theodores,  Executive Director, Maine Boys to Men

"We have met the challenges and opportunities of significant growth by simultaneously committing to the personal and professional development of our people.  Drew has been our expert guide, inquiring, supporting, and challenging us to strategically leverage our strengths for constant improvement and a higher level of team play.  He has been instrumental in grounding our growth in the affirmation of our core values- People and Relationships." 

Jeff Zachau, CEO Zachau Construction