We offer custom built, one on one professional development programs to expand potential and improve performance.  These sessions are grounded in a comprehensive assessment of a leader’s strengths and growth potential.  The work is goal-driven to develop leaders who are connected to those around them as well as results-focused.

Interactive Learning Sessions

Executive Team Building Sessions: We train teams to create productive group dynamics, connect to core values, and establish a shared vision for strategic growth.  These sessions utilize the most current research on building high functioning teams. Executives will also develop their skills for facilitating this process with their individual teams and direct reports.

The Balanced Leader®: The exceptional leader in today’s organizational world is strategic, mindful, and relational.  The Balanced Leader® utilizes increased self-awareness with proven positive and conscious leadership strategies to create exceptional leaders, productive teams and extraordinary organizational performance. 

Your Organization will experience higher levels of:

  • Effective, positive leadership
  • Productivity and enthusiasm for achieving defined goals
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Positive organizational culture poised for extraordinary results

The Balanced Leader® is divided into three modules and delivery is customized to your organization for maximum impact.  Delivery of the modules occurs over an extended period of time based on the research of habit formation to create sustainable change.

Module I: Building Self-Awareness and Conscious Leadership

Module II: Shaping Intentional and Supervisory Relationships and Building Effective Teams

Module III: Creating a Dynamic and Positive Organizational Culture

Short and Sweet:  These are fun and bite-sized interactive sessions on trending topics that could pay big dividends for your organization.  They will energize your team, spark their curiosity and build skills.

  • Presence Matters
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Focused Attention and Mindfulness at Work
  • Owning Our Strengths
  • Positive Psychology at Work


Working with executive teams, boards and employees, we facilitate a process to develop a shared vision and strategy that aligns with the purpose and core values of your organization.  The work moves outward to establish actionable goals, roles and time specific results.   

Assessing Individual Leadership and Organizational Health

360 Leadership Assessment Profile: Using The Leadership Circle Profile*™, we provide a comprehensive and easy to understand assessment of a leader’s strengths and identify barriers to effectiveness. Synthesizing data gathered from direct reports, peers, and bosses, this tool provides the template for goal setting and is a superior growth accelerator.  This frequently serves as the foundation for our executive coaching.

Team Culture Survey: Using the Leadership Culture Survey*™, we provide a powerful litmus test of leadership culture in an organization. The data revealed provides a platform for identifying strategic growth edges for an organization.